ENVICON S.A. has participated and completed a number of complex infrastructure projects both in Greece and abroad and has extended knowledge and experience in the construction of ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION PROJECTS, SPECIAL ELECTROMECHANICAL PROJECTS, INDUSTRIAL PLANTS, AND COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS.

ENVICON S.A is also active in RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS, namely Wind Farms, Photovoltaic Projects and Hydroelectric Power Plants.

It has completed the erection of a Wind Farm in South Evia Island of 8.58 MW installed capacity, and currently owns a Production License of 15 MW in the island of Andros, which will start erection within 2013.

ENVICON S.A Technical and Administration staff of all levels is experienced, well qualified and specialized in their respective fields. The Company is well organized, has exceptional know – how of construction methods and procedures, and has in its possession modern well maintained construction equipment and supporting machinery.

It is classified as 2nd class Construction Company under the Greek Public Works Registration System.

Mission statement:

ENVICON S.A. through its organization, its experienced personnel and its extensive technical capabilities can undertake and successfully carry out to completion within the specified time schedule, multidisciplined construction Projects from conception to completion.